Spring has sprung!

With spring here and flowers in full bloom, there is no shortage of amazing locations to do your next photo shoot! The most common thing I hear in regards to taking photos is “I really want to do a shoot with you but I want to wait until I lose 10 more pounds.” We all know how it goes though. We are BUSY! All of us. And unfortunately, spending two hours a day at the gym isn’t an option for everyone. I encourage you to embrace your life as it is RIGHT NOW… these small moments and passing days are what truly makes your life YOURS. And the best part is, as you reach your goals, whether they be in weight, career, family, or personal, each milestone makes a great excuse to document the next chapter in your life.

I hate to see time pass by without families or individuals having recent pictures. Most people don’t like pictures of themselves – that is just a fact. But with some professional shots that you can be proud of, that will change. Remember that your photos are what you and your loved ones will look back on forever. Make them great ones!


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