Self Portraits.

This morning while I was doing my daily reading, email checking and researching, I came across an interesting blog post about self-portraits. This blogger took a challenge to do 52 self portraits in a year – one per week. Taking self portraits is hard, let me tell you. I have never had much luck with it. But this challenge seemed amazing to me. Sure, taking a bunch of pictures of yourself might seem kind of awkward. But as a photographer you would really learn a lot, challenge yourself and the best part is that it is something that requires no other people and no outside help.

I read a few pointers online about doing self-portraits and set out to take my first shoot. I have to say I am sort of pleased with how the shoot turned out. While it isn’t exactly what I had in mind, a lot of that was due to the time of day I went out. But all in all they turned out fairly well and for my first shoot for this project I am pleased. I won’t be doing 52 shoots, I will do 48 since we are already a month into the new year.


For this shoot I used a stool with a backpack on it to have something to focus on and of course, a tripod. One of the things I WILL invest in this year is a remote shutter for my camera. I did these pictures but setting everything up, focusing the camera, setting the self timer and then dashing over to my spot. Try looking natural in that situation šŸ˜‰


After a few shots in this beautiful wooded area of Folsom I headed up to the railroad tracks. This was a little more difficult because I wanted to get a full body shot but also wanted to use my favorite lens. This required me to set the camera up at a pretty great distance from where I would stand. The other awesome thing this required me to do was throw the stool out of the way just before the picture snapped.




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